High efficient disinfection systems (stationary – mobile)

Fortunately, there is a future after Covid-19. But it will be a little different than what we used to know. Especially when it concerns large groups of people using public infrastructure and goods. Governments will take measures, people themselves will also want to feel safe. By using a different statically and especially mobile disinfection units or systems you ensure that life can go back to normal. So that we can work, live and enjoy together again.

Aim of the pilot


The aim of the pilot is to re-use of automotive product as pressure boosting pump  (image 1) is (usage as fuel delivery/supply pump or pump for delivery of Adblue liquid to SCR systems or as oil pump in transmission systems) in non-automotive applications/market segment in area of static and/or mobile disinfection systems where liquid pressuring technique  in needed for distribution of disinfection liquid for storage container to poit-of-use with usage of special nozzles for spraying of disinfection liquid to desired location and/or area.